Bank Guarantee (BG)

A bank guarantee is a function that many businesses seek. SUISSE BANK is frequently asked to provide bank guarantees in the name of its clients. They are generally importers, exporters or contractors whose business partners demand a promise of payment in some form. A guarantee is a written undertaking by the financial institution that in the event the customer does not meet a certain obligation the financial institution will pay the amount of money to the party in question in the name of the customer.

Without a bank guarantee, or BG, many businesses won’t be opening a line of business with you. Becoming our shareholder gives you exclusive access to our years of negotiation and financial transaction prowess. We harness your rights and make appropriate guarantees so that you can do your business in a risk-free and independent way.

We deal in both, conditional and unconditional guarantees. A conditional guarantee is a bank guarantee that only works if certain conditions are met. In other words, the overseas business partner must fulfil a number of conditions and criteria before we will process the payment. If the conditions are not met, this bank guarantee won’t process.

We also facilitate shipping guarantee. Shipping guarantee is basically meant to avoid port demurrage. When your goods are shipped but you don’t have the shipping documents, you won’t be able to unload, which will cost you (the port will charge) because there is a time period within which you must unload. Having a shipping guarantee means that you can pick up the goods in case they arrive before the shipping documents.

With our trade finance products and services, we aim to enable business of our clientele. Our shareholders have raised a good sum of money thanks to our practices. For business expansion, import and export is necessary. And SUISSE BANK makes it possible by many products and services, most popular of which is a bank guarantee and a shipping guarantee. With us, you can be sure of prompt support and reliable service. SUISSE BANK is your financial partner for all your trade finance projects.


The applicant fills in a form for the issuing of a guarantee in which he, the party entitled to the claim, lists the terms, the amount, the expiry date and the purpose of the guarantee.

The most widely used types of guarantees are:

  • Payment guarantee
  • Tender guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Performance bond





Please fill out the online writable application. Send us the copy of the application with all the required documents first by email and courier the originals to our postal address:

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United Arab Emirates 
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Should you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us.