RMA Correspondent Relations

SWIFT is the abbreviation for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, an international cooperative of financial institutions founded in 1973, which operates a telecommunications network (the SWIFT network) for the exchanging of information between the members.

With SWIFT we connect our business to multiple banks through a single, secure, bank-agnostic channel. Streamline and automate our business flows by communicating with our banking partners using our global standardised ISO and proprietary format (MT) messages. SUISSE BANK can offer interoperability with other banks while maintaining control of the user identity registration process.

Within the affiliated members (banks, brokers, financial institutions) the sending of messages via SWIFT exclusively describes the sending of a message which transmits industry specific content with an "MT" coding (standing for message types) followed by a three-figure number. Such messages can for instance be transfers, notices of the opening of a standby letter of credit, bank guarantee or other financial instruments.

SUISSE BANK is advising its financial instruments by use of SWIFT MT700, MT710, MT760 and has RMA correspondent relations with banks in following countries RMA correspondent relations with banks in following countries: