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The Union of the Comoros is set to become one of the world's most reliable and trusted locations for the formation of offshore companies and the granting of licences in the banking and finance areas with new 21st century acts and regulations together with a secure and hi-tech online verification system.

The offshore bank SUISSE BANK PLC offers considerable advantages such as tax efficiency, international access and complete confidentiality in addition to the highest levels of discretion. A safe and stable haven for your money with total discretion. The use of online banking and debit cards reduces distances to a minimum. This is regardless of whether you are living in an economically and politically instable situation or region, exploits tax advantages or want to benefit from the special terms and conditions of private banking - you have the right to do so.


The trade finance specialists of SUISSE BANK PLC are always ready to promote your commercial transactions in the field of finance, by means of providing financial instruments that meet your requirements:

  • bank guarantees (BG)
  • standby letters of credit (SBLC)
  • documentary letters of credit (LC)
  • proofs of funds (POF)
  • warranties (avals)

Trade funding implies receipt of assets for business on more favorable terms than overdraft on your bank account at the bank. Trade funding includes transformation of internal and external accounts receivable into assets soon after the receipt. Insured accounts receivable have a set disposal date and, as compared to fixed assets, are easily realized. After selling the accounts receivable you may change your balance type and receive access to additional funding sources that you may use at your discretion.


  • Access to SUISSE BANK GROUP network
  • Professional services for the processing of commercial transactions
  • Advantageous issuing fees