Products & Services

SUISSE BANK offers to its approved clients the following products and services of private and corporate digital banking:

  • Private and corporate accounts
  • Debit mastercard
  • Concierge lifestyle services

SUISSE BANK offers blockchain banking of leading cryptocurrencies:

  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Crypto liquidity
  • Crypto storage
  • FX forex trading

SUISSE BANK drafts customised solutions with its financial instruments and supports clients and agents to finance international trade flows, real estate projects and trade transactions:

  • Bank guarantees
  • Standby letters of credit
  • Documentary letters of credit
  • Proofs of funds
  • Warranties

SUISSE BANK has investment portfolios available which are designed for a different kind of person – whether you are investing to grow your savings, ethically or for a regular income:

  • Safe investments
  • 100% capital security
  • High returns