Products & Services

The Union of the Comoros is set to become one of the world's most reliable and trusted locations for the formation of offshore companies and the granting of licences in the banking and finance areas with new 21st century acts and regulations together with a secure and hi-tech online verification system.

The offshore bank SUISSE BANK offers considerable advantages such as tax efficiency, international access and complete confidentiality in addition to the highest levels of discretion. A safe and stable haven for your money with total discretion. The use of our Online-Banking and extensive support for Debit Cards ensures that distance is never a problem.

So, if you are (i) from an economically or politically unstable situation or region; (ii) wanting to exploit tax advantages; or (iii) willing to benefit from the special terms and conditions of private banking, know that you have the right to do so. Choose us because our products and services are geared towards you only.


We further provide trade services in banking. Trade finance in banking is what we specialize in. Using trade finance, we provide your business with the option of limitless growth. The instruments of financial transactions that we deal in are as follows:

  • bank guarantees (BG)
  • standby letters of credit (SBLC)
  • documentary letters of credit (LC)
  • proofs of funds (POF)
  • warranties (avals)

We are among the top trade finance providers. And unlike most other trade finance providers, we do business as partners and not service providers looking to squeeze the most cash out of the clientele. That is the reason why we rank in the top trade finance companies. Our reach is global, so you can safely assume that we are among the best international trade finance companies dealing in these trade finance services.


From fees to access to an important financial network, you get a number of additional advantages upon choosing us. We offer professional services for the processing of commercial transactions. With us, you are safe and your money stable and discreetly put.