Corporate OFFSHORE Account

If you have a company or an offshore business, then what you need from your bank account is not simply interest rate. You need services and products that are directly targeted to business operations, growth and functioning.

A corporate account helps to grow your company or offshore business. And here at SUISSE BANK, we offer you a corporate account designed specifically for your business. Over time, you will raise money and generate more wealth thanks to our corporate account. We have countless success stories explaining how the SUISSE BANK corporate account helped companies, especially those that deal in offshore transactions.

All incoming and outgoing bank transfers in EUR and currency within SEPA, will contain unique IBANs for our clients. We also provide unique IBANs for GBP payments. SUISSE BANK is a full member of the SEPA system, thus all EUR payments are instant and are processed without any intermediary banks.

A corporate bank account opening is usually difficult. But that’s the case with most others. Corporate bank account opening with SUISSE BANK is extremely easy and hassle-free. You can enjoy our corporate banking services in no time.

There are a number of advantages in opening a corporate account with SUISSE BANK. The Union of Comoros offshore jurisdictions offers positive tax benefits for companies who hold a corporate account with us.

SUISSE BANK has been in the business for a long time now and it makes us proud to claim that corporate banking is one of our leading services. It has gained unprecedented popularity among the world’s businesses and we continue to improve.

First payment to activate the account: 25,000.00 EUR. This payment is not a deposit and is free available




Please fill out the online writable application. Send us the copy of the application with all the required documents first by email and courier the originals to our postal address:

Tamouh Tower, 16th Floor 
Reem Island, Marina Square 
PO Box 2576 - Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates 
T: +971 (0) 2 208 3113 
F: +971 (0) 2 208 3111

Should you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us.