Financial services are in the broadest sense all services which relate to financial transactions. These can be offered by banks, financial service providers, financial product distributors, insurance companies, insurance brokers, agents and credit card organisations, etc.

In this huge jungle of potential financial service providers, it is a real art to find a partner such as SUISSE BANK PLC for each client requesting consultancy, financial solutions or decision-making aids. If a potential client is unable to precisely articulate their wishes, as a shareholder of SUISSE BANK PLC, they can contact us for advice. What frequently happens in practice is that the client first has their own wishes expressed for them by smooth-talking consultants, is then presented with a range of solutions and finally goes along with the "recommendation" of the financial services provider as they do not know any better. The result is always good but rarely for the client. SUISSE BANK PLC has very good contacts and information pools which we are happy to provide to any shareholder seeking advice. You can be sure of receiving objective advice or recommendations as SUISSE BANK does not issue, operate or broker all the listed services itself.

The following are referred to as financial services among others:


  • the brokering of financial products

Sales organisations mainly broker a comprehensive range of financial products such as loans, insurance policies, investment products and similar items, selling them to private consumers in particular. Brokers, banks and insurance companies now also like to work as agents by including third-party products from other companies within their range of offers and passing them on to their clients. In this way all the providers of financial services make an effort to offer normal clients a comprehensive range of financial services. “One stop shops”. Financial brokers are the contacts but they are not the contractual partners for the business transactions brokered.

  • investment consultancy

When people hear the term investment consultancy, they tend to think of consultancy for an investment to be made in the stock market, property, shares, funds or other products. Investment consultancy comprises the consulting function alone while the actual investment decision is always, made by the client themselves by contrast with asset management. Investment consultancy is offered both by banks and also by so-called independent financial product distributors and financial consultants. In this case the client has an enormous choice of potential consultants who focus to a greater or lesser degree on their own individual interests when recommending financial services.

  • the operation of a trading system

A trading system is a network or multilateral system, similar to the stock market, that is set up and operated by a financial services provider, investment firm or market operator. Its aim is to bring together a large number of service providers and clients on the financial market according to certain rules.

  • security placement business

An issue constitutes the issuing of securities and their placement in an organised money and capital market such as a stock market or also private placements.

  • the acquisition brokerage of financial instruments in the name of third parties and for third party account

Financial instruments can for instance be assets, financial obligations, equity instruments, loans and receivables.

  • finance portfolio administration

Asset management is one of the key financial services and describes the taking of investment decisions by a third party acting as an asset manager.

  • the procurement and the sale of financial instruments for their own account as a service for others

Trading with financial instruments is called proprietary trading by banks. This generally refers to money, securities, currencies, precious metals or derivatives. Proprietary trading is performed in the institution’s own name and for its account and is not directly triggered by a client business transaction.

Other potential financial services include:

  • the purchase of receivables (factoring) with or without recourse to them
  • the conclusion of finance leasing agreements as a lessor
  • the procurement and sale of financial instruments for a community of investors (asset management).

In common parlance, all the banking transactions conducted by banks and the services rendered by insurance companies rank among financial services. SUISSE BANK is thus also by definition a provider of financial services.

However, SUISSE BANK PLC attaches importance to the observation that its shareholders not only have access to special products, tried and tested contacts and customised solutions, but also receive good advice and valuable recommendations, in strict confidence, needless to say.