The core business field of SUISSE BANK PLC is the sale of bank instruments such as guarantees and different forms of letters of credit. We are looking for agents and brokers worldwide to build up a network of sellers that operates across the globe.

Your brief would be to sell financial instruments of SUISSE BANK PLC to your clients locally and support direct clients of the SUISSE BANK PLC in your region and serve them throughout the duration of the cooperative arrangement. Cooperation with our bank will secure you an attractive potential income as well as the centralised addition of new clients to your existing client portfolio.

You can obtain all the information about our financial instruments in the Trade Finance section.

All the required documents are stored as editable pdf files, thereby simplifying the agent's work. SUISSE BANK PLC will never approach your clients directly, and it is the agent's responsibility to care for their regular clients, and constantly broker new business for SUISSE BANK PLC.
The agent is responsible for lining up the business, providing information to the client about all the necessary steps, checking whether the stipulated attachments are complete, organising the payment flow and supporting the clients at a local level.

Contact us at info@suissebank.com, if you are interested in a partnership with SUISSE BANK PLC as an agent or broker.