For a long time, SUISSE BANK PLC has been successfully recruiting reliable agents to the company to broker banking instruments, selling them to customers at a local level. It is relatively difficult for a small enterprise to find end clients, recommend solutions and advise them at an international level. For this reason, more and more partnerships are offered with brokers and agents from around the world who offer their customers guarantees, standby letters of credits and letters of credit from SUISSE BANK PLC.

The agents conduct the negotiations on site, inform their customers about the processing sequence and the enormous potential for savings offered by SUISSE BANK PLC’s banking instruments by comparison with the costs incurred if they purchase from a top bank. A very large number of companies in the world do not have the liquid assets to purchase expensive guarantees.

Instead it is often sufficient to use a tool from a private bank to hedge a project, implement a construction project or collateralize a trade transaction: it fulfils the same purpose and saves substantial costs for the purchaser of the banking instrument. SUISSE BANK PLC has defined the area of trade financing as its main business field and is currently extending its agent pool throughout the world.

Our agents and brokers earn an attractive commission fee for brokering their customers, continue to support them and also receive additional customer contacts from SUISSE BANK PLC for further support if there are any such customers and they consent to this. In many countries, the SUISSE BANK PLC network is still vacant, while a few countries even have several contacts. We currently do not have any reason to limit or reserve areas as the world is big enough. A few agents also work with an international clientele, making any territorial arrangement inadvisable in any case.

If you are an entrepreneur and are considering procuring a banking instrument, please contact SUISSE BANK PLC directly. We will be happy to accept your requests and we may be able to put you in touch with a consultant in your vicinity.